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The play

Audience: Familiar and scholastic.
Recommended age: 8 years old.
Length: 1 hour.
Language: Spanish
Scenic space: Open and closed.

About the play.



This work tells the story of how, one day, a little girl named Mia and her mother decide to run away from home when her father goes to work. Just as they are about to escape, he returns unexpectedly. Mia is locked up in an old tool shed to prevent her from hearing her parents arguing and fighting. But, through the keyhole of the door she perceives everything that is happening outside. Inside, she finds her old childhood doll, Sinforoso and, at first, she tries to hide her pain from him, the pain she has felt these last few years living in such a violent environment.

About the play

Mia is a love story. Mia would have preferred that her father and mother love each other more instead of loving her so much. But now, Mia does not know what she wants, or if they love her, or if she wants them to love her. Mia is a horror story. Mia is locked up in her fear. She is alone…alone with Sinforoso. Mia is a story about chance meetings. Mia revisits her past, she talks with it.

Mia wants everything to be like it was before, like it no longer is. Like when her parents named her Mia, “mine”, because she was theirs, and would belong to both of them.

Although the story addresses the cruelty of abuse, Mia is captivating thanks to its simple and intelligent subtlety in dealing with the tragedy without moralizing. Mia, the art of surprise and insinuation on stage, courageously offers the spectator a privileged look, through a keyhole, at the end of innocence defeated by fear.

Juan L. Berzal



Mia has been published in Spain by ASSITEJ (2006), in a beautiful colection of children's books of theater and in Mexico by Paso de gato (2008). This edition can be acquired at Educal or directly in Paso de gato.

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